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Ceramics<br>Ceramics Archives<br>SOLD Liver Bird Creamware Mold
This whiteware mold depicts a liver bird in its full glory. Below is a definition of the Liver Bird. Note how our mold resembles a cormorant with wings spread to dry off.
"The Liver Bird is, of course, Liverpool's icon. Its most famous representation is these copper statues, one perched on each tower of the Royal Liver Building, which were designed by the German Carl Bernard Bartels. He was a London resident, who was treated shamefully by the authorities during the First World War, deported to Germany afterwards and virtually expunged from official records. The bird has its origins in the ancient seal of Liverpool, dating from the time of King John (reigned 1199-1216). This was probably an eagle (of St. John) carrying a planta genista (sprig of broom - the Plantagenet logo), but was not accurately rendered. By the late 17th century, the bird had been reinterpreted as what the Dutch called something like Lever, to make a play on the name of the city. Whatever this was, it was near enough to a cormorant for the latter to be incorporated into the city's arms in 1797, where a further connection with the name of the city was contrived by replacing the sprig of broom with a piece of seaweed called Laver. Furthermore, if more were needed, the cormorant is also a lucky symbol for sailors." (Information taken from http://www.allertonoak.com/merseySights/CentralLiverpoolWF.html)
What looks like a chip on the side is actually glazed over, so it most likely came out of the kiln with that chip.
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Ceramics<br>Ceramics Archives<br>SOLD Liver Bird Creamware Mold
Ceramics<br>Ceramics Archives<br>SOLD Liver Bird Creamware Mold

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